Progress has no deadline

Being on stage as often as possible is crucial for our development… My approach is all about a bigger picture rather than an immediate outcome… Focusing on continuity.

Looking back at last year’s performances.

The violin and the body

BODY Awareness & Muscle Control & Fine Motor Skills are one of the hardest things to master especially for young children.

VIOLIN is an instrument that very much depends on such awareness right from the start. Slowing down and bringing calmness into a busy world of children’s minds is an absolute necessity.

Being able to feel & understand and control our movements. What should move and what requires stillness or relaxation. (Neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, feet, fingers, fingertips etc)

Creating and inventing exercises that are always supported by progressive and inspiring musical repertoire. Practising our awareness is a must. Observing, feeling, listening and always questioning.

Bringing simplicity and aiming for the most natural feel will become an Anchor for all future progress as well as belief in oneself.

Supportive community

Every lesson is our chance to learn.

Every experience becomes an invaluable lesson. Being part of a supportive community where “we are all teachers and we are all students” gives us a chance to grow in the right direction.

It’s all about the “confidence”.

Being confident doesn’t mean being perfect. It means to have a good knowledge & understanding of what one is learning, doing or trying to achieve.

Becoming confident is like setting off on a long journey. While travelling we will learn to: Be Patient, Be Creative, Discover New Passions, Develope Resilience, Expand our knowledge, Remain Focused as well as gain Invaluable Experience.

However, throughout this journey one will also need a combination of never ending Love, Support, Patience, Empathy , Inspiration and Understanding.


“Listening and Feeling” is something we naturally do in our daily life. However , listening to ourselves is one of the hardest things to learn and to teach. The truth is that the more we hear, the more is there to enjoy.😍

“Be your own Teacher”

“Teaching in order to become our own Teacher”

Very often we do all we can so the students can remember everything we tell them. However the only way to realise “what really matters and why” is by either hearing & seeing ourselves or by trying to help someone else.

In most cases when we start to “help &teach each other” we then slowly start to realise what we were being taught in the first place. ❤

First Steps

As Plato said. “The beginning is the most important part of the work”.

On the violin the “beginning” takes the longest time to settle so take your time…

Chamber Music

Chamber Music is all about: Connecting, Feeling, Listening, Observing, Noticing. Reacting, Imagining , Creating , Breathing together, Helping, Inspiring and Encouraging each other to simply enjoy the time together…….