Chamber Music

Chamber Music is all about: Connecting, Feeling, Listening, Observing, Noticing. Reacting, Imagining , Creating , Breathing together, Helping, Inspiring and Encouraging each other to simply enjoy the time together…….

Observing and absorbing

Observing in Silence enhances our ability to react in a better way.

The silent mind provides the highest level of alertness which helps us consciously absorb our observations.

Musical Taste

” Building our personal musical taste”

Taking time and discussing the music , harmony, characters, dynamic, mood, creating stories and making our own personal notes is an essential part of learning how to read beyond the notes.

Teaching the depth of music right from the beginning. This way learning to play, and reading new repertoire becomes an exciting adventure that never ends.


Connecting the bow , sustaining the sound or practicing long musical phrase is no different to supporting and holding each others hands no matter where we stand…… It’s all about finding the way to connect.

Sloth Arm

Never stop working on your “Sloth” arm. Keep feeling, Keep relaxing….let the weight of your arm create the natural sound, practice letting it go or simply hang a sloth on your arm.